Are these quintessential romcom moments dealmakers, or total dealbreakers?

Are these quintessential romcom moments dealmakers, or total dealbreakers?

Those grand romantic gestures that we see in the movies aren’t always as spectacular in real life…

Movie characters are historically quite the risk-takers when it comes to love. Think of all the films you grew up watching that had those cliché declarations of “true love” at the airport, or ballads sung to a lover in front of a giant crowd. We’ll admit to swooning over these on occasion, but a lot of these gestures are more cringe than cute when they play out IRL.

Here are some of the most famous romantic moments on film. Are these swoon-worthy dealmakers, or embarrassing dealbreakers? Keep your eye on our Instagram stories this week, where we’ll let you make that call.

Say Anything: The Boombox

Romantic? Or a noise complaint from the neighbours…

Remember when Lloyd (John Cusack) tried to get his girlfriend Diane (Ione Skye) back after her father convinced her to dump him? Cue Lloyd playing their song, Peter Gabriel’s “In Her Eyes” loud on a boombox outside her house one night. Diane didn't even get out of bed to acknowledge this, leaving poor Lloyd hanging.


Love Actually: The Cue Cards

Points for creativity? Or completely offside—dude, she’s married… to your best friend!

It’s a scene that has sparked plenty of heated debate. Mark (Andrew Lincoln) was crushing on Juliet (Keira Knightley) for quite some time, and watched on the sidelines as she dated and married his best friend. One night during the Christmas holidays, he knocked on her door and professed his unrequited love to her on giant cue cards as she observed in stunned silence.


The Notebook: The Street Dance

Adorable? Or traffic hazard…

Towards the beginning of their romance, Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) were pretty darn adorable. Case in point: after coercing her to go on a date with him, Noah also managed to get Allie to lie down in the middle of the road, and eventually dance on it, complete with the threat of oncoming traffic. It was an epic first date that lead to one of the most beloved romances in recent film history.


Titanic: The Drawing

Fun date night? Or a sinking ship…

Who could forget this iconic moment when Jack drew Rose “like one of his French girls”? At the beginning of Titanic, Rose (Kate Winslet) is arranged to marry Cal, but she’s apprehensive about it, especially after meeting dreamboat Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). Jack had eyes for Rose too, and as he started to integrate himself into her circle on the ship, she showed him the beautiful Heart of the Ocean necklace Cal gifted her, and suggested posing nude wearing only the necklace so Jack could draw her. Talk about a memorable first date.


Lady and the Tramp: The Spaghetti

Super cute? Or get your own damn plate…

One of the sweetest moments ever in a Disney animated film, Lady and the Tramp made sharing spaghetti look easy. When these two opposite canines first met, their differences were glaring. But after Lady was attacked by three dogs one night and Tramp came to her rescue, a romance blossomed. They went out for dinner together and shared a plate of spaghetti, each grabbing the same noodle, and leading to an unexpected but adorable kiss. We don't suspect it would be quite this graceful in real life. 


Crazy Rich Asians: The airplane

Swoon-worthy? Or “Sir, we’ve called the air marshal”…

Crazy Rich Asians was incredibly real about relationships, but still had one of those wild, show-stopping airplane scenes. After Rachel stayed with her boyfriend Nick and his family in Singapore for a wedding, she felt increasingly unwelcome due to his difficult family. After rejecting his first marriage proposal and fleeing back to New York, Nick followed Rachel onto the plane to propose again, in a funny yet sweet moment that may be even better than a sunset engagement.

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