Corporate Social Responsibility

Cineplex is committed to sustainable growth and good stewardship in the communities that we serve, guided by our Cineplex Values and our Code of Business Conduct.

Please click HERE to view Cineplex's 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Scorecard or HERE to view Cineplex's Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supporting our Communities
At the local level, our employees regularly support local events to benefit the communities in which we operate. We are proud of our commitment to support the community and are delighted to participate in a variety of worthwhile causes.

Please use this link to Corporate Donations to find out more about our corporate giving programs.

Environmental Leadership
The majority of our printed materials, food trays and popcorn bags are manufactured with paper from sustainable or recycled resources. Recycling units available to theatre guests and behind the scenes recycling programs are in place for paper, glass, cans and plastic in many of our locations. Degradable garbage bags made from 100% recycled material are used in all locations. Film prints are also returned for recycling.

We use environmentally responsible cleaning products and all foodservice and washroom paper products are now manufactured with 100% recycled paper. Lighting in our public spaces is being retrofitted to energy efficient standards.

Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Special Needs

Cineplex offers employment experiences to individuals who enjoy interacting with the public and who love the movies. Please speak directly with your local theatre manager if you are interested in working at Cineplex.

Cineplex is also a strong supporter of Canadian Picture Pioneers, a charitable institution that provides financial assistance when required to past and present members of the Canadian theatre exhibition industry, as well as a scholarship program for children of our employees.

Accessibility to Theatres
Cineplex welcomes all individuals to facilities that are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Cineplex is a founding partner and proud participant in the “Access 2 Entertainment” program, administered by Easter Seals Canada. Access 2 Entertainment provides free admission (or a significant discount) for support persons accompanying a person with a disability at participating movie theatres across the country. Cineplex Entertainment chooses to provide free admission instead of charging a discounted fee. In order to apply for this program, go to the Access2Entertainment website. We proudly train our staff to assist our guest with disabilities such that they may also have an exceptional entertainment experience.

Accessibility to Movies
Cineplex is proud to offer captioning and assistive listening services for our deaf, deafened and hard of hearing guests, and described video services for our blind and visually impaired guests, at select theatres. Cineplex has installed CaptiView captioning devices and Fidelio described video devices in select theatres across the country. We will continue with the installation of these systems over the next two years to ensure that most of our theatres are equipped with both captioning and described video services. Our film team works very intently to ensure that every film that is available in a captioned or described format is available in auditoriums that are equipped with CaptiView and/or Fidelio. As Cineplex is not the owner of the films (but licenses film from distributors), we cannot caption or describe movies but must rely upon the film’s owner to provide these features with a film. If a film’s owner chooses not to caption or describe a film, Cineplex cannot present that film with any captioning or descriptive audio, regardless of any technology installed in our theatres. As a result, we continue to encourage film owners to provide captioning and audio description for all films in English and French prior to their theatrical release.

If you have a specific accessibility need, please send your written request to or call 1-800-333-0061.