David Thatcher recently lost his parents in a car accident and none of his friends came to the funeral. Now, losing the family home, he hosts a memorial celebration there, insisting that his friends attend. He also invites his ex-girlfriend Olivia hoping to rekindle their old romance. Sadly, none of his friends share in Daniel's nostalgia of the good old days and Olivia arrives with her new fiancé. But the house brings out the adolescence in everyone and the evening is filled with drinking, dancing, laughter, secrets, sex, drugs and regret. The next day everyone faces the revelations of the night before and Daniel confronts his friends about their absence at the funeral. He realizes that he has to mourn and forgive, and he begins to see the flaws and beauty of his friends. When everyone leaves, their childhood memories return and Daniel is left with the hope that the friends of his past will become the family of his future.


Chris Lowell