Michael Burrows, a forensic detective in the S.F.P.D. has become increasingly fascinated by the number of Darwin deaths being reported. Brilliant but overly cautious he is fired from the force for allowing a serial killer to escape in the line of duty. Determined to prove a common theme in these cases Burrows joins forces with Siri, a clinical, no-nonsense insurance investigator specializing in the more bizarre claims received. With sparks flying, this unlikely duo attempt to uncover the mystery of these 'Darwin' casualties. Along the way our heroes come across a parade of unforgettable characters: the speed freak who strapped a rocket launcher to his Chevy Impala in his quest to set a land speed record. The two guys who decide that dynamite is the fastest way to break through a patch of ice to go fishing. The teenagers who will do anything to break into a Metallica concert, and the ad executive who is so confident in the strength of his shatterproof window that he throws himself at it despite being on the 25th floor.


Finn Taylor