A look at the slippery slope of celebrity culture, Gwen experiences the surly highs and lows of this new American dream. We see both the before-and-after snapshot of Gwen's existence. Before the sudden discovery of her talents in fixing broken machines and healing people's medical ailments, she endures a life of misery. We see Gwen reeling from her divorce, and watch as her sister, Queenie, and Queenie's husband, Lars, insist on setting her up with John. But once the press gets wind of Gwen's mysterious powers, everything in her life changes. Suddenly a pop sensation, hounded relentlessly by the media, Gwen and Queenie retreat to an unlikely compound in the Hamptons, accompanied by John, who has suddenly developed feelings for the new celeb, and Lars, who sees the situation as a booming business opportunity. In no time their relaxing seclusion has turned into isolation, and as Lars hires a new manager to reshape their lives into a non-stop publicity machine, Gwen's ego, altered by her 15 minutes in the spotlight, tears the group apart.