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Tom Hardy stars as Venom in first teaser trailer

Venom is back on the big screen.

While the plot details on this spin-off are still under wraps (and the teaser doesn't reveal too much either), we're excited to see what Tom Hardy will bring to the role of Eddie Brock/Venom, since the last time we saw him, he was played by Topher Grace in the divisive Spider-Man 3.

Michelle Williams co-stars here, making this her first time tackling the superhero genre. There's also been confirmation that we'll see Tom Holland's Spider-Man somewhere in this film.

There’s not much to see yet, with the trailer clocking in at a mere 1:38 seconds, but here are our observations:

  • As comic book fans will know, Venom is a “symbiote” that needs a human body to merge with. We’re assuming that Tom Hardy’s character Eddie Brock is screaming in the MRI machine because he’s discovered that he is that human body (sorry, Eddie – I’d be upset too. The upside? At least you’re getting some superpowers…
  • Since the “symbiote” is evil, and Eddie Brock is not, I imagine there will be an internal good vs evil struggle for Eddie throughout the entire film (we’ll be rooting for ya, Eddie)
  • No sign of a “Venom” costume or CGI effect. Will Tom Hardy just continue to look like Tom Hardy, or will some kind of metamorphosis take place? I say yes.
  • Michelle Williams may be playing the love interest, although it’s hinted in Hardy’s voice-over she may be the ex-girlfriend.
  • That’s some crash site! Maybe that’s how the symbiote gets free and merges with Eddie? I imagine Eddie’s next step will be to break out of that medical facility he’s in.

Get excited with the first teaser trailer below! Venom hits Cineplex theatres on October 5th!

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